• Dummy 250g oranje met vossenstaart
    Dummy 250g oranje met vossenstaart

    Mystique® Dummy "Fox tail" is a small dummy with a pure fox tail. Thanks to its shape and weight is ideal for smaller dogs. It is durable and tear-resistant. The fox tail provides the dog better motivation to search.

    With the…

    € 15,00
  • Vosdummy 3-delig 4 kg
    Vosdummy 3-delig 4 kg
    € 45,00
  • Vosdummy 3-delig 5 kg
    Vosdummy 3-delig 5 kg
    € 47,00
  • 3-Delige vosdummy 3000 g
    3-Delige vosdummy 3000 g

    the form simulates the shape of the fox, with complete fox skin

    This special Fox dummy perfectly simulates the shape and weight of the real fox. It is suitable for gundog training. 3-parts dummy supports the correct retrieving of…

    € 85,00
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