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Game Dummy Junior

€ 15,00 (inclusief btw)
  • voelt aan als echt wild
  • is verzwaard aan de zijkanten met een zachter middenstuk
  • dummy buigt bij correct dragen aan beide zijkanten door, net als echt wild
  • Gewicht 350 g - 30 cm


The New Game Dummy from Sporting Saint

  • Made to feel as the name suggests - just like game!
  • The Game Dummy is weighted at each end with a soft fill middle.
  • The Game Dummy when retreived and held correctly in the dogs mouth with bend so the weight of the dummy is either side of the dogs mouth.
  • As the dog returns to the handler the Game dummy will move with the dogs movement  making the feeling of carrying retrieved game very real.
  • The Game Dummy - Puppy  is smaller, slightly bends and is soft filled.
  • Made from the usual tough, waterproof and hardwearing 12oz Canvas
  • The Game Dummy - Standard is aprrox 750g, 45cm long and has a throwing toggle
  • The Game Dummy - Puppy is approx 350g, 30cm long, no toggle, but has small attachment of tape for throwing.
  • Green in colour