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The Balance - auteur Oliver Kiraly

€ 49,90 (inclusief btw)

My original plan was to write a small booklet about the background of retriever training (relationship, dog types, different methods, the difference between professionals and amateurs…etc.), and to offer some tips on how to become more efficient and successful in training and competitions. As I talked to my clients and other potential buyers about the book, I realized they were particularly interested in the training section. In the end, this project grew from a short booklet into a fully detailed retriever training book, which also deals with all other aspects of the sport.

I believe that being a full-time retriever trainer and travelling around Europe the whole year has helped me to understand the needs of today’s retriever enthusiasts, and I am certain this book will be a helpful guide.

Wishing all of you lots of fun and success in training your well-balanced retriever