Moxon 10mm - 130 cm - khaki

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€ 13,00 (inclusief btw)

Very nice and practical handmade leash for training or hunting

This elegant adjustable leash is well known primarily from the retriever world - it has been developed based on many years of experience of professional dog trainers. Handle, leash and collar are in one piece. Thanks this practical design, the dog can not unexpectedly get out of the leash, on the other hand, when off the leash, he has no annoying collar which can cause an injury while moving in difficult terrain. The leash also allows immediate response to undesirable behavior of the dog on a leash (pulling on the leash, incorrect heelwork, etc.)
The Moxon leash is made from high-quality climbing rope, which ensures maximum resistance and durability. The collar part can be limited by horn stop. The stainless eyelet ensures a smooth glide. Very light and comfortable for handling.

Moxon leashes are available in different colours and lengths. After agreement, we can produce leash according your special requirements (length, type, ...). In case of your interest please contact us.

Material: 10 mm climbing rope (100 % polyamide), horn stop
Length:  130 cm

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