Firedog snack dummy Small bruin/lichtblauw

€ 10,90 (inclusief btw)

playful form of learning, encourages bond to people

With Snack dummy you can playful and in a positive way teach your dog to retrieve the dummy. Detachable throwing rope for increasing the throwing distance is included, so you can choose whether you want to throw the dummy without a rope closer to your dog or with a rope. Thanks to washable inner coating and the easily openable zipper can be filled with any snack or treats. After the dog has retrieved the dummy, he will be rewarded directly from dummy what teaches the dog not only to retrieve nor to destroy it because only handler can reward him from the dummy.

Made from high-quality durable nylon material, easy washable, including Long-throw rope. The zip-fastener is protected with a flap from fabric.

Material: 100 % nylon
small: ca. 18 cm long, diameter ca. 5,5 cm
large: ca. 20,5 cm long, diameter ca. 6,5 cm