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The Lite Launcher Tutor Bird

Winnaar van de 2013 IPC Shooting Industry Award! De nieuwste innovatie op gebied van jachthondentraining!

In de rode dummy zit een slow release capsule die wildgeur afgeeft.

Ook voor jongere honden. Gemakkelijk om te gooien. Ideaal voor waterwerk : deze dummy ligt hoger op het water, dus beter zichtbaar voor de honden

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The Lite Launcher Tutor Bird

WINNER of the 2013 IPC Shooting Industry Trade Award - New Gundog Training Product!

Latest innovation training aid . Helps your dog succeed like no other dummy does
The Tutor bird has been designed to excel in all aspects of a dogs retrieve and in every situation,whether long marks,water or cover. The size and shape are similar to a partridge which makes it idea for all dogs from youngsters to experienced adults.

Available as the Tutor Bird Scented- Red or the Tutor Bird Flash - White (not scented)

  • Weight is superb especially for a younger dog were a heavy canvas dummy is not recommended

  • Scented from within by slow release capsules the Tutor bird will encourage the dog to use its nose to find it dummy

  • Convenience it is far superior to canvas ,it wipes clean and dries quickly so can be carried in your coat pocket or game bag with ease.

  • The shape of Tutor bird and layout means the dog will always find it easier to pick it from the center torso area ,just like you want for a perfect real bird retrieve .

  • The heavy head and long tail give a bird like action when being carried. The tail bead will also tap a dogs snout if it should try to shake the dummy so to discourage this action.

  • Red is a colour dogs find harder to see against backgrounds like grass so the dog has use its other senses to find the dummy. Red is a colour people see well so its also easy to spot should you need to direct the dog or recover the dummy.

  • Easy to throw underarm it will travel far further  than a canvas dummy  by using the tail and throwing bead to aid you.

  • Easy to mark when thrown , the tail section makes the Tutor bird very visual when thrown against the sky as a background ,the tail also emits a slight noise helping the dog stay on the mark all the way to the ground.

  • Water retrieves will be easier as the buoyancy means the Tutor bird will give a very high profile in the water, the dog will better sight this from the bank and especially on the swam approach encouraging the dog towards its mark

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